Microsoft provides a free secure development tools

microsoftA New utility has been released by Microsoft designed to enhance the application security.

Microsoft Minifuzz is a fuzzing tool that allows users to identify software vulnerability by injecting a random data in the tested application. According to the secure development Lifecycle (SDL), MiniFuzz is a simple file fuzzer that helps to assist developers to find any possible buffer overflow or other common errors in the application.

This tool is one of two security application that Microsoft released this Wednesday, the second is BinScope Binary Analyzer, this aims to ensure that Binaries have been built in compliance with Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) requirements and recommendations.

Here you can find the collection of tools made by Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) in which you can find SDL Threat Modeling Tool while here you can find the recent! Exploitable Crash Analyzer – MSEC Debugger Extensions (Windbg) that provides automated crash analysis and security risk assessment.

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