Microsoft Plans 16 Tuesday Bulletins

Over this week Microsoft have published  their advance notification for the patch Tuesday with list of patches that is the biggest  list for 2014. the release will fix 5 critical vulnerabilities that affect windows operating system and internet explorer.  8 comes to patch important vulnerabilities and 2 moderate patches for Microsoft office and windows operating system.

Patching the system takes time and resources and with this list IT managers should start to identify which patch affect their system and which should be applied first. also it is important to check patches that require system reboot and those that can be applied without system interruption.

we see that some time Microsoft release a faulty updates that may corrupt the system so it is always important to test the list of patches to see that your application will not be affected and will keep functioning after the update.   users should pay a special  attention to the critical once as they are remotely executable and have a high impact to allow remote code execution on vulnerable systems.

you can find the advance notification over this link:

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