Microsoft patches IE Pwn2Own bug

Microsoft announced as part of the traditional Patch Tuesday that it will release nine security bulletins. Two of them are considered critical and the first one is issued to fix vulnerabilities revealed at the last Pwn2Own hacking contest.

Multiple browsers were subject to attacks during CanSecWest March 2013. Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Vupen announced also two vulnerabilities using a tablet Surface Pro on the latest OS from Microsoft. Remaining bulletins are important and comes to fix vulnerabilities in Windows server, Office InfoPath 2010, and Web Apps 2010 Service Pack 1, as well as in server software such as Groove Server and SharePoint.

Most vulnerabilities allow attacker to elevate their privileges and launch denial-of-service attacks while security bugs affecting Microsoft Office and Microsoft Server Software allows information disclosure attack.

If you are using Microsoft based system make sure to review next patch Tuesday advance notification to prepare your infrastructure and plan how you will patch and restart affected software’s.

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