McAfee Selling Services that iCloud Does It for Free!

McAfee today announced their software WaveSecure to protect mobile phones iOS, Android and BlackBerry, the security product allows you to remotely delete data or block device from web-portal, as well as to back up your contacts, pictures and videos on their servers to provide data security in case of loss, theft or damage to the device.

By looking a year ago, Apple offered the possibility of free use of all of these functions to all users of the iPad and iPhone through its service Find My iPhone / iPad. Now Apple is going to offer more functionality with Upcoming iCloud which is absolutely free.

usually any company going to create new application for the market they need to conduct a study to look what they bring as innovation to community, Here Mcafee are going to sell WaveSecure which is either already available (or will soon be available) for iOS, Now the question who is behind this project and if he seriously think that people will pay 20$ for it?

iCloud is currently in beta testing and will be available with iOS 5, which is launching this fall — it will backup photos, documents, apps, books, contacts, calendar data, and will also track the location of your iOS devices. iCloud will also perform full device backups and give users 5GB of storage space for free.

So if you need to pay for free services McAfee is offering WaveSecure iOS Edition for $19.95 at the Apple App Store.

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