McAfee Q4 Threat Report: Spam in a “Transition Period”

McAfee Security Report for the last quarter of 2010 showed that spam levels reached lowest point since 2006.

Compared with the beginning of the year Spams decreased by 62 percent this good result due to stopping Internet service providers that are used by cybercriminals to spread their malicious activity and using better software( patches and updating computer programs) and change security strategy  against spams.

On the other hand innovation and new technology presented new threats and good result will not be for long time, as people have moved from usual email spam to alternative and more effective marketing way which social networks (including twitter and Facebook) to distribute spams and it is very important today to monitor malicious activity inside social networks.

At the same time the report confirm the growth of malicious programs as there are about 50,000 new malware daily. New malware for smartphones that do not have antivirus at most cases are detected once to two times monthly.

According to MacAfee Fake antiviruses have not changed in the last quarter of 2010, since fraudsters have shifted to more simple techniques, using phone social engineering techniques.

For a full copy of the McAfee Threats Report: Fourth Quarter 2010, please visit:

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