McAfee FileInsight 2.1

FileInsight McAfee – free HEX- editor for Windows. Includes all the standard features HEX- editor . It has convenient interface for editing files in hex ​​and text. Able to read the structure of exe- files and organize them by entry , section , import table with a list of imported functions and displays it in a tree for easy navigation.

the tool has a built x86 disassembler , this allows to import some encryption methods and structure in header files C, C + +, to parse the individual parts of the file. This can be useful for analyzing windows header executable files.

Windows_McAfee FileInsight 2.1
Key features:

1. Download files quickly and displays them in hexadecimal and editing form.
2 . Built disassembler x86 ( 64- bit processors available).
3 . Support for common structures exe- file and the ability to import any other structure ; parsing files or parts of the file according to the selected structure.
4 . Ability to run scripts on Java-script and Python.

You can download the tool at the following link:

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