McAfee 2010 First Quarter Threat Report

McAfee has issued the regular quarterly Threat report, which pointed to major network threats in the first quarter of this year, during this period the biggest threat to computers was USB malicious software. Attackers continue to enjoy the ability to launch applications automatically from external devices.

The report also stated the increasing of fake AV products with expanding their activities in this period. As for Spam the detected number for this part is about 139 billion spam messages, which mean about 89% of the total email number. 71% of emails are related to medical spams, 10 % for general category and 2% of spams for fake educational diploma or degrees. The leaders of these spams are China, South Korea and Vietnam.

McAfee also said that malware and spam in Thailand, Romania, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Chile and Brazil had surged with the increasing number of internet usage.

Comparing to the last two years the total number of malicious program for this period has decreased, however they expect that for next part the number of viruses will remain the same as last year.

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