Malware attack poses as airline ticketing scam

Holidays are coming and on this occasion Trendmicro is alerting of an increase in spams that are using airline information. Delta Airlines, British Airways, US Airways, and American Airlines information are spoofed by cybercriminal to trick more victim’s especially that this period people are traveling for visiting their families and friends.

The spam message include an order notification it is similar to when you purchase a ticket online, there is the date and time of the flight all these information are available on internet and this create a trust to the content used by the scammers.

spam_holidays_1Detected spams over the week by TrendMicro

The spam is attaching a fake airline ticket which is BKDR_KULUOZ malware that infects users. The malicious software is able to install more stealthy viruses and a FakeAV that will claim the system is infected and urge user to purchase antimalware software online.

If you receive similar emails make sure to ignore it and directly delete the message if you have it in your inbox. Scan all your emails with an antimalware before that you open the message and be careful with the type of attachment you receive.

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