Malicious Facebook scam claims Tracy Morgan’s Death

Social media including Facebook are often used by scammers to promote their fake applications or malware. the problem with those type of attack that the malicious link will be shared with victim friends and allows to further circulation. over this week a new case was spotted by Malwarebytes for a hoax claiming a video for the death Tracy Morgan.

The scam is titled “[Death Video] R.I.P. Tracy Morgan died few minutes ago in hospital” when the user click on the link he will be redirected to some offers and webpages to download fake applications.

morgan1screenshot  for the video shared on Facebook sourced malwarebytes

When you see similar scam on Facebook do not click on the link and make sure to report the video as a scam. the scam may lead to infect your system and share the malicious link with your contact. if you have mistakenly clicked on the link make sure to run a full system scan with your security software and change your Facebook password.

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