Majority of IT businesses see security breaches

pgp_logoThe number of security breaches seen by companies during the last 12 months has risen, a new survey has shown.

A study by the PGP Corporation showed that 70 per cent of IT businesses have been affected by at least one data breach security incident during the last year, a figure up from the 60 per cent seen in the previous corresponding period.

Additionally, 12 per cent of companies reported more than five data loss incidents, a figure up by three per cent.

The study showed that less than half of these breaches were publicly announced.

Phillip Dunkelberger, president and chief executive officer at PGP Corporation, said: ‘It’s clear that UK organisations recognise the need to protect customer information and other valuable data assets, but while their intentions may be good, not all of them are doing everything it takes to make this a reality.’

Further findings from the study showed that more than half of respondents are using an encryption process to secure their IT services from breaches.

[Source: BCS]

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