“M & M Kitchen Appliances – INV211457” Malicious Spam that spread Zbot

Malwarebytes recently reported a new spamming campaign. the malicious email is using an invoice template for Kitchen Appliance company. Today most users relay on online payment for purchasing any product including kitchen appliances this makes similar spams to be a good trick to promote viruses. On this case attackers pretend to attach an invoice and invite victim to open the attachment. obviously cybercriminals are attaching a zipped file that install ZeuS banking trojan.
ZeuS is a famous malware that after execution will turn the system part from a botnet and will send attackers sensitive information including bank account credential, logging the keystroke and grabbing user passwords. uploading the malicious file to  VT shows 29 antiviruses that identify it to be a malware.

kitchens1Screenshot for the spam sourced Malwaebyte

If you have received a similar email make sure to ignore and delete the spam, you can also move it to the Junk folder so your security program add this email to the black-list.

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