LulzSec Sabu is an FBI Informant

Sabu leader of the infamous computer hacking group LulzSec have been uncovered over this week. After a whole year of following his account on twitter and other social media it seems that he was captured by FBI on June last year to make him as an agent for getting information about Anonymous network.

Now identity of many hackers are disclosed by the police as we have five more arrests in several countries two in the UK (Kayla and Topiary), two in Ireland (pwnsauce and palladium) and one from the states in Chicago (Anarchaos).  Hackers are going to be asked for a long list of crimes that you can find it on this PDF file that includes breaking into computer systems, deleting data, hijacking victims email/twitter accounts and more.

Picture for Sabu or Hector Xavier Monsegur

On the other hand some people noted that Sabu has long been suspected of collaboration with the FBI, so that disclosure of the informant was not surprising the hacking community.

Upon the public release of this information Sabu went to the ground for an entire month, beginning on the exact same day just hours later. His reappearance was not much of a surprise, as it has been a frequent public rumored (and secretly verified) that Sabu was identified, apprehended by the FBI and turned to an informant. Over the past several months, all of the original LulzSec member except Sabu himself have been arrested. Even though Sabu has been publicly doxed and completely owned on several occasions. You may be asking yourself, why is he still free? The answer is Intel. The longer he is “free” is the longer that the FBI and other LEAs can gather information on other hackers and move in for more arrests. Simple as that. “ According to a previous post on November 2011

Sabu have participated in the global intelegance files leakage last December where Millions of emails were stolen and published on Wikileaks.

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