LogViewer – Tool to View and Search Large Text Files

LogViewer is a tool designed to work with any large text files, so that even very large files can be opened, viewed and searched. One of the important task during the incident response is to analyze logs and files to identify the source of the attack.

Many organization will not enable the required logging as any default configuration will not include all the security settings requirement. This make that the security personnel should be involved in most logging projects to apply best practices.

LogViewer - Tool to View and Search Large Text Files
LogViewer – Tool to View and Search Large Text Files

Compared to HighLighter the tool make required operations faster:

  • Load (Log Viewer): 15s
  • Load (Highlighter): 42s
  • Search (Log Viewer): 1m 5s
  • Search (Highlighter): 2m 15s
  • Show Only Highlighted (Log Viewer): 2s (+ the search operation above 1m 5s) Total: 1m 7s
  • Show Only Highlighted (Highlighter): Killed after 35m

Current supported features are:

  • Very fast
  • Supports huge files
  • Cumulative search
  • Can disable/enable search terms that are cumulative and the results are displayed instantly
  • Export current view
  • Show/Hide matched lines
  • Four search modes (Sub String Case Insensitive, Sub String Case Sensitive, Regex Case Insensitive, Regex Case Sensitive)

If you have a Web server logs or network device logs this tool will be handy. You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/woanware/

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