LogFusion – Real-Time Log Monitoring Made Easy

LogFusion is a useful program for monitoring log files, which simplifies parsing information and highlighting required fields in logs. The tool allow users to quickly highlight and filter information.

This program can download any text logs, including web server logs, developer logs, etc. It also has a function for auto-scrolling logs, so that you can see all new entries in nearly real time.

LogFusion - Real-Time Log Monitoring Made Easy
LogFusion – Real-Time Log Monitoring Made Easy

The main features included with this program are:

  • Row Highlighting- An advanced text filters that hide all lines do not meet the specific criteria. this is using regex expression.
  • Automatically add new logs from specified folders
  • Creating categories for log files which allow to better organize logs and make the review.
  • Synchronizing rules to highlight strings over Internet with other computers and cloud provider. sync your highlighting rules online, allowing them to be easily loaded and updated from any computer where you are logged in.
  • Auto scroll function – like the ‘tail’ program on Linux/Unix, you can use LogFusion to show the newest lines in a log in realtime.
  • Export all or selected log entries to HTML and CSV files
  • Opening multiple log files in one window in different tabs

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://www.logfusion.ca/

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