L0phtCrack – Password Recovery and Auditing Tool

L0phtCrack is a state of the art tool for password auditing and recovery that serves to guide organizational policies and procedures. The tool uses a variety of sources and methods to retrieve passwords from the operating system. Feedback about the strength of passwords is based upon the types of audit required to recover the password, and the length of time required for the audit.

L0phtCrack - Password Auditing Tool
L0phtCrack – Password Auditing Tool

System administrators audit passwords to determine the strength of the passwords used on client machines and for network access. Weak passwords, such as a password based on a dictionary word, represent vulnerability points for any organization.

L0phtCrack 7 Features:

  • Ultrafast Cracking – Multi-core & multi-GPU support takes optimal advantage of your hardware. Auto-calibration eliminates guesswork.
  • Easy to customize – Custom word lists, character sets, and lengths are easy to set. Crack the way you want and save the settings for later.
  • Powerful scheduling – Admin and Enterprise versions can schedule sophisticated tasks for automated enterprise-wide password audits.
  • Simple Password Loading – Wherever your password hashes are: local, remote, AD, or in a file. It’s simple to load them for auditing with our wizard.
  • Remediation – Fix weak passwords by forcing password resets or locking out accounts.
  • Audit multiple OSes – Windows plus first-rate Linux, BSD, and AIX support. Extensible hash types & importers through plugins.

You can read more and download the tool over here: https://www.l0phtcrack.com/

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