Kuwait, Interpol fight cybercrime

cybercrimeThe State of Kuwait is closely coordinating with the Interpol at the level of fighting cybercrime, an official said yesterday. Director of the Security Information Department and official spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior Colonel Mohammad Al-Sabr, revealed that high level coordination was currently underway between the Interpol and Kuwait Interpol to address all Internet crimes.

Al-Sabr told a news briefing that this coordination falls within the framework of guidance of the senior leadership of the Ministry of the Interior and direct instructions of Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Lieutenant General Ghazi al-Omar and follow-up by the Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Major General Abdul Hamid Al-Awadi and director of cyber crime prevention department Colonel Adel Al-Subaie. He said the Kuwaiti Interpol is involved in campaigns launched by the international Interpol against porn sites in many countries of the world such as Europe and America, including the (Tornado) campaign in the city of Wiesbaden, Germany, against the exploitation of children and minors in sex activities.

[Source: Kuwait Times]