Kuwait: Cybercrooks target over a billion users

logoofsocialThe rapidly increasing interaction of consumers with social online networks, mobile phones and other intelligent devices has brought about significant lifestyle benefits that are under a serious threat from cybercriminals according to an international virus analyst. Addressing the audience of Kuwait’s ICT Security Forum, Stefan Tanase, Malware Analyst, EEMEA Research Center, Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis Team, said that in 2009 social networking sites will be used by around 80 per cent of all Internet users, the equivalent of more than one billion people.

“The growing popularity of social networking sites has not gone unnoticed by cybercriminals; last year, such sites became a hotbed of malware and spam and yet another source of illegal earnings on the Internet. The Kaspersky Lab collection contained more than 43,000 malicious files relating to social networking sites in 2008 alone,” said Tanase.

“Malicious code distributed via social networking sites is 10 times more effective than malware spread via email. Social networks have approximately a 10 per cent success rate in terms of infection compared to less than 1 per cent for malware spread via email,” he said. Stolen names and passwords belonging to the users of social networking sites can be used to send links to infected sites, spam or fraudulent messages such as a seemingly innocent request for an urgent money transfer.

Previously on SecTech there were some post concerning the Social networking security from best practices and some ways to mitigate the risk of using it here is an article from Kuwait that shows that sites of social networking in 2009 will be used by around 80 per cent of all Internet users, the equivalent of more than one billion people, and there is only one solution to secure using these sites is the awareness and follwing some best practices.

[Source: Arab Times]

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