kubebox – Terminal and Web console for Kubernetes

kubebox is a useful terminal and web gui console that allows you to manage the Kubernetes cluster and monitor its status in real time. The cluster monitor shows what happens with resources, container logs, and other parameters. As a result will make you easily navigate to the desired namespace and execute the command in the desired container. This helps to quickly cope with problems and quickly restore functionality and work.

kubebox - Terminal and Web console for Kubernetes
kubebox – Terminal and Web console for Kubernetes

some of the features with this tool are:

  • Configuration from kubeconfig files (KUBECONFIG environment variable or $HOME/.kube)
  • Switch contexts interactively
  • Authentication support (bearer token, basic auth, private key / cert, OAuth, OpenID Connect, Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine, Digital Ocean)
  • Namespace selection and pods list watching
  • Container log scrolling / watching
  • Container resources usage (memory, CPU, network, file system charts) 
  • Container remote exec terminal
  • Cluster, namespace, pod events
  • Object configuration editor and CRUD operations
  • Cluster and nodes views / monitoring

Kubebox can be served from a service hosted in your Kubernetes cluster. Terminal emulation is provided by Xterm.js and the communication with the Kubernetes master API is proxied by the server.

You can read more about this tool and download or fork the project over here: https://github.com/astefanutti/kubebox

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