Kjw0rm Hacked French TV5Monde Television

French TV5Monde television network have been under a massive cyber attack with a big damage to their network and facilities. Kjw0rm Variant is a worm that have been used to compromise the TV website, social media accounts and company emails.

The social media accounts have been used by cybercriminal to post content that promote ISIS.

ISIS TV5  Twitter account posting ISIS content sourced breaking3zero

NJWORM/KJWORM is not a new variant as it was detected by TrendMicro since 2014. This malware can be used as a backdoor to send attacker sensitive information including user and accounts passwords to C&C server. The attack have caused a global outage to the network beside providing cybercriminal a full control on TV online accounts.

Worms are a very dangerous type of malware that will circulate on the network searching for vulnerable system to infect them. Here to protect yourself make sure to keep your security software updated and do not open files from untrusted sources.

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