Kirjuri – Web application to Manage Forensic Evidence

Kirjuri is a digital forensic evidence item management system. It is a web application designed to help forensic teams manage, track and report devices delivered for forensic examination.

It was born in the Helsinki Police Department, which handles over a thousand devices annually. Managing these devices and keeping track of the changes and locations to all this material proved to be a difficult task, since no ready software suites for multi-user evidence device management existed.

Kirjuri - Web application for Managing Cases and Forensic Evidence
Kirjuri – Web application for Managing Cases and Forensic Evidence

Main features for this framework:

  • Organize devices into examination requests and track their location and status.
  • Make notes about forensic findings and generate a simple report to document them.
  • Organize your tools and manage reservations for them.
  • User management with case-by-case access management and different access levels.
  • Simple user interface designed for the needs of actual forensic examiners.
  • Extensive internal logging for compliance and audit tasks.
  • Highly customizable via configuration files for different organizational needs.
  • Supports attachments up to 16MB.
  • Export and import examination requests (with attachments) via .krf files.
  • Kirjuri supports English, Finnish and German and is easily localizable via a configuration file.

You can read more and download this framework over here:

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