Kali Linux Advanced Offensive Distribution

The penetration testing distribution BackTrack has changed its name to Kali and moved from Ubuntu based operating system to Debian. Kali can be used for penetration testing and security assessment different systems. It is completely similar to what BackTrack provides but with changes to tools and operating system.  Features of this distribution:

  • More than 300 penetration testing tools, the same as in BackTrack but here developers of Kali reviewed the tools to increase the functionality and remove programs that are not working on previous releases.
  • Kali is totally free and it includes mostly open source tools that are very solid in pentesting targeted applications.
  • Kali was designed with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard that allows users to easily find the Linux binaries, support files, libraries, and more.
  • Extensive support for wireless devices.
  • GPG signed packages.
  • Supporting multilingual for all users.
  • Support ARMEL and ARMHF.

Kali pentestKali screenshot click to enlarge

In the startup menu you can find a new way to organize the tools. So you will have the top 10 security tools that list aircrack-ng for wireless penteset, burpsuite for web application assessment, hydra for launching brute force attack, john the ripper for password cracking, maltego an opensource tool for forensic analyses, metasploit framework for testing known vulnerabilities, nmap, sql map , wireshark and Zed Attack Proxy (zapproxy) a penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications.

You can find other tools by section to make it more comfortable for user to test targeted systems. To download the distribution follow this link:  http://www.kali.org/

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