Junk Tweets Claims A Visa Gift Card

GFI researchers have reported a new spamming campaign that are circulating on twitter, the spam message ask victims to check a twitter page where it contain a Link to a suspicious website, what is interesting that the twitter page have no activity and it keeps a single tweet states the following “Just tell us what you think of Pinterest, and get a free $150 VISA gift card now!” .

Screenshot for the twitter scam (click to enlarge)

Screenshot for the Twitter page (click to enlarge)

The website is well made and will ask users to fill some personal information that will get him 500 USD , firstly it starts by asking for email address and next a survey with your full name , address , phone number and more.

Thats not all as  if you bring new customer (or victim) it claims to give you more income, here it is important to never follow such survey that are coming to get information, criminals are making big money from having user details that may be used for spams or advertising some unknown product.

If you are looking to test the resource you can check Honeymail, I have already used it for similar situations where you give a honeymail address and not your own, when you feel you are getting too much spams you just go and remove the alias.

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