January edition #Enter_at_your_own_Risk Released

The monthly magazine of the hacker news is now released, this number comes to cover the cyber security awareness, I contributed with the TOP five malwares of 2011, here as viruses are getting different forms and infect with different ways I have explained the technical details about each of them and what are their objective.

At first many people are always asking why do we have viruses and do they bring any benefit for creators, well I always answered that each new malware are made for certain purposes but most of them have a business wise.

I hope that you enjoy reading the magazine and I hope that you find it useful but you need to remember that you #Enter_at_your_own_Risk. Magazine include the following articles:

  1. The Hacker News Brings you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012
  2. Raising your kids to have a cyber security awareness ( By Lee Ives)
  3. “Cyber China” From operation Aurora to china cyber attacks syndrome (By Pierluigi Paganini)
  4. Anatomy of revolution when you have nothing , you have nothing to lose (By Patti Galle)
  5. 2011 Five Significant Malwares (By Mourad Ben Lakhoua)
  6. DefCamp Where Hacking and Security Collide (By Avram Marius Gabriel)
  7. SOPA The Hacker News say “No Way” (By Patti Galle)
  8. Treasure of  Firefox Addons (By Manuel Dorne)
  9. Confusing Attackers with Artillery (By Dave Kennedy)
  10. Listen to your instincts when it comes to the web (By Lee Ives)
  11. No Turning Back 2012 (By Patti Galle)


Happy Reading!

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Nice magazine for all Internet lovers and grate way to represent information related from this book, really nice and awesome…