IT workers 'breaching security'

officeSecurity breaches in organisations are increasingly being done by IT staff, new research indicates.

The study by security firm Cyber Ark found that 35 per cent of technology workers access sensitive corporate data without authorisation, a rise of two percentage points from 12 months ago.

According to the survey, the most popular information that is being accessed without approval are customer databases and merger plans, both cited by 47 per cent of respondents, followed by copies of research and development plans, chief executive’s password and financial reports.

Udi Mokady, chief executive of Cyber Ark, said: ‘Unauthorised access to information such as customer credit card data, private personnel information, internal financial reports and R&D plans leaves a company vulnerable to a severe data leak with the risk of financial or regulatory exposure and damage to its brand, or competitors obtaining critically important competitive information.’

More than 400 IT and technology workers across the UK and the US were questioned as part of the study.

[Source: BCS]

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