'It takes just 1 minute to hack a govt website'

SQL Injection

Ethical hacker Harold D’Costa breaks into a government website and intimates them immediately so they can secure the systems

Guess how long it took ethical hacker Harold D’Costa to hack into the website of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department? Just a minute. D’Costa, who is the director of Intelligent Quotient System, a city-based cyber security firm, demonstrated to MiD DAY how simply and quickly www.mahatranscom.in can be hacked.

According to D’Costa, websites written on SQL platform with open-ended codes can be easily hacked into with an SQL injection. Sitting comfortably in his own office on Wednesday, he first logged into the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles department website with an SQL Injection code. He then showed how several changes can be made to the website and saved it for other visitors to read. For example, one could easily change notices posted on the site or tamper with the rules and regulations for vehicle owners and taxation laws.

[Source: mid-day]

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