ISP-SEC – Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

ISP-SEC is a new cyber security project that was recently launched by Tarek Sendi a Cyber security incident handler at ANSI Tunisia. This service can be used by Internet service providers and Telco operators to identify the threat in the cyberspace. similar resources are widely used to track a malware and find out how it is infecting systems.

ISP-SEC Threat Dashboard

ISP-SEC ( will have information classified by type of event for example Botnet, Malware, Phishing, SPAM and more. you can use that data to track the infection and make more investigation about any threat.This actually a good way to provide some awareness related to any threat exist or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

ISP-SEC ( is still in beta mode and you can login to the dashboard to extract the information to CSV, Excel or even print the list of information. the demo account is Login: demo Password: demo@demo.

Make sure to login to the system and see how the information flaw is displayed also you can include this project in your awareness training to show how much the cyberspace is vulnerable and missing a lot of cooperation to stop  cyber attacks.

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