iScanner Utility for Cleaning Infected Websites

One of the major problems that we face on Internet is infected website, some website owner they are not aware that they are hosting viruses. Usually criminals inject malicious code on to innocent web pages by using Google search engine for locating vulnerable website, and they mainly focus on those parts of the website not designed or controlled by the website owner, such as banner adverts and widgets.

Later they create a script to exploit listed vulnerable website and in a few minutes they upload their malicious code to infect and take control of as much as possible of users PC and as a result a wider zombie network.

iScanner is a free open source tool lets you detect and remove malicious codes and web page malwares from your website easily and automatically. It will not only show you the infected files in your server but it’s also able to clean these files by removing the malware.

This tool allows user to easily modify the signatures database and have a customized version by adding, removing or changing the regular expressions in the database.

If you have several websites hacked on your server, you can add signature to iScanner’s database to make it locate all the hacked index pages in your server.  Another very important feature is to add iScanner to the cron jobs to make it scan you server every 24 hours and send the infected log to your email address so you can be sure that you have no infected links or content in real-time.

Some shared portal open to any user to upload files via ftp server (PureFTPd for example) without AV scanner check here iScanner scan all the uploaded files by the users and send email alert if malicious file has been detected.

You can have more information on the official website.

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This is an amazing tool. Thank you for making me aware of this opensource software. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing that shareware still exists.