iRET – iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit

iRET is an open source tool that you can use to analyze and evaluate iOS applications. The toolkit includes the following features:

  • Binary Analysis where you can check the binary encryption , architecture of the application and if it has stack-smashing protection enabled.
  • Keychain Analysis this to analyze the keychain contents, including passwords, keys, certificates or any sensitive information in the app.
  • Database Analysis this to display all Databases within the application and also the content of the database.
  • Log Viewer to find out all logs stored in the syslog and display logs of the application.
  • Plist Viewer will list the files within the application and makes it easy for user to have the property of each file.
  • Display the application screenshot you are investigating.

 Interface iRETiRET interface

The toolkit is organized in a way that Forensic analyst or Penetration tester will have a full report that includes all necessary information related to the security of the iOS application. You can download the tool from this link:

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Nithin Shankar

Hi All,

I am unable to connect my browser to iRET.
I have installed iRET on iPhone 6+ [9.0] and tried accessing it on my Chrome, firefox and IE.

Able to ping device IP address but unable to open iRET on any of the browsers. Says “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

Can anybody help me in this.

Thanks in prior.