Intrigue Core – Discover Your Attack Surface

Intrigue Core is an attack surface discovery engine that utilizes OSINT and reconnaissance techniques to help organizations find assets and vulnerabilities. It’s designed for security professionals in both assessment and defensive use cases.

The core engine is written in Ruby and designed around the concepts of tasks, entities, and machines. The framework is highly flexible and can be used entirely via API. 

Intrigue-core - Discover Your Attack Surface
Intrigue-core – Discover Your Attack Surface

The following are the supported features:

  • Friendly web-based user interface
  • Command Line Interface to create entities, execute tasks and gather results
  • API-first design Create and delete entities via the API ,Execute tasks via the API, Pull results from the API ,Provided Ruby SDK & Client Over 60 built-in tasks , DNS Subdomain Bruteforce ,Email Harvesting ,IP Geolocation ,Port Scanning ,Search databases such as: Censys, Shodan , Security Trails, UrlScan.
  • Built-in strategies for automation
  • Built-in OSINT discovery-focused ontology
  • Result Handlers  Push task, scan or project results to… , Amazon S3, Webhooks ,Couchbase.
  • Automated Entity Enrichment Build simple workflows and Automated correlation of related entities

Intrigue Core makes it easy to perform a discovery on a given organization. Given a domain, it can finds assets, applications, and systems centric to that organization.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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