IntRec-Pack – OSINT Package Bundle Installer

IntRec-Pack is a Bash script designed to download, install and deploy several quality OSINT, Recon and Threat Intelligence tools. Due to the fact it manages the installation of the various dependencies related to these programs as well it aims to be a comprehensive assistant in setting up your intelligence gathering environment. Below is an overview of the tools and utilities it will help you set up.

IntRec-Pack - OSINT Package Bundle Installer
IntRec-Pack – OSINT Package Bundle Installer

Tools included with this package are

  1. QuickScan – Port Scanner/WHOIS/Domain Resolver
  2. DNSRecon – Advanced DNS Enumeration & Domain Utility
  3. Sublist3r OSINT Based Subdomain Enumeration
  4. TekDefense-Automator OSINT Based IP, URL and Hash Analyzer
  5. TheHarvester eMail, vHost, Domain and PII Enumeration
  6. IOC-Parser Threat Intel, parses IOC data from reports
  7. PyParser-CVE Multi Source Exploit Parser/CVE Lookup
  8. Mimir HoneyDB CLI/Threat Intelligence Utility
  9. Tadpole Open AWS bucket, file search and Download
  10. Harbinger, Virus Total, Threat Feed Parser
  11. .Inquisitor OSINT Recon/data visualization utility
  12. BirdWatch SOCMINT Utility with a focus on Twitter
  13. Spiderfoot Advanced OSINT/Reconnaissance Framework
  14. .EagleEye Facial recognition powered SOCMINT utility

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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