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This week I have been honored to be a guest on one of the popular Tech program in Tunisia. The program covers all new technologies exist in the country and one of the hottest topic at the moment is Cloud Computing.  Fares Ben Souilah a Tunisian Radio Presenter , Coach and a blogger have started to make the buzz with innovative technologies including Cloud Computing.

The conversations was very fruitful in providing the way that makes organizations safely use the cloud and how we can reduce coast and automate all our tasks with Cloud Computing. The most important part is about availability of services without interruption and how SMBs will have a great benefit by using the Cloud Computing Services.

The Cloud Security Rules Book was also among the questions of this interview which was a great adventure and switch in my experience in Cloud Computing. This book was initiated with a brief discussion with Kai Roer during the JCI global meeting in Hammamet.

After this meeting we have started to select the infosec authors that can be involved and participate in the book. Content includes several chapters with all what you need to know from a subject matter expert to verify and clarify with the Cloud Computing vendor.

You can find the full conversations over this link:

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