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Infosec Weekly Roundup

Malware Signed With a Governmental Signing Key F-Secure Lab have found this week a malware that are digitally signed by a stolen government certificate belonging to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute. WireShnork – A Snort plugin for

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Tunisian Honeynet portal is launched tunCERT have launched their Honeynet portal that include several public information about malwares and cleanup services, portal display and map attacks in the cyberspace. Now you can join LinkedIn group or follow the update on

Keep an eye out for security threats with web filtering software

New technologies and upgrades are constantly being introduced to the Internet. As a result, the number of security threats has grown at an astonishing rate – which is why web filtering software has become such a necessity for businesses worldwide.

Why control internet access?

Web-based threats, cyberslacking, uncontrolled web browsing and the downloading of unauthorized material, are a few reasons behind the increasing need for organizations to deploy internet access control within their infrastructure. Nearly every organization today is connected to the internet, and

Beware of Bin Laden Video Malware

New fake videos has been posted on internet for infecting computers, on blog post Zscaler reported on fake codecs being delivered on sites promising bin Laden death videos, these videos are promoted on social networks and internet search engines. By

Clearing Cookies and Privacy Concerns

Hey, I found a web site that’s giving out free cookies! Response: Great, I’ll bring the milk! Cookies also known as a web cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie, are a technology that allows website to store on user’s computer

Windows Server 2008 Remote VPN/SSL

The growth number of mobile working motivates small to medium companies to allow remote access to corporate resources. VPN has become the first and direct solution for these needs as it provides the necessary level of performance and allows the