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Internet Examiner Toolkit (IXTK) by SiQuest is the first complete, multilingual, multi-faceted forensic suite of tools that is designed specifically to discover, examine, analyze and report internet-based evidence acquired from computers, hard drives, live memory, and mobile devices.

Engineered by an executive team with over 17 years in law enforcement, IXTK is a reflection of an established experience in criminal investigations, case management, prosecution, and expert witness testimony.

IXTK - Siquest Internet Examiner Toolkit
IXTK – Siquest Internet Examiner Toolkit

IXTK also makes it possible to conduct, track and capture “live” internet investigations in real-time. With its proprietary Artifact Framework, IXTK can rapidly update and expand its library of supported internet artifacts.

Artifacts Supported by Internet Examiner Toolkit:

  • Google Chrome – Bookmarks , Cache ,cookies, downloads and history
  • Internet Explorer – Cache ,cookies and history
  • Mozilla Firefox – Bookmarks , Cache ,cookies, downloads and history
  • Opera – Cache ,Cache operanext and history
  • Safari – Bookmarks , Cache ,cookies, downloads and history
  • Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter , Youtube
  • Keyword artifacts from Cloud storage and Peer to Peer

The following is a small portion of the list of features available:

  • Built-in mounting capabilities for common disk image file types (.Ex01, .E01, .Lx01, .L01, .AFF, Raw, SMART). Ability to mount as drive letter in Windows is planned for release later this year.
  • Transparency. Users know how things are being searched, where they are being searched, and what is being searched for. This is reflected in verbose metadata collected for each artifact and detailed search and event logging.
  • Ability to identify and search various file systems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+) with support for exFAT and EXT4 coming soon.
  • Includes an extensible and proprietary Artifact Framework to make it possible to adapt to increasing changes in internet artifacts. This framework also makes it possible for users to add their own custom artifacts.
  • Includes 4 integrated tools: Internet Examiner, Internet Extractor, NetX Discovery and NetX Live.
  • Include user interface Language Themes with support for 17 different langues.
  • Artifact and Keyword searches support multi-language CodePages.

You can read more and download this toolkit over here:

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