International hackers, many from China, are attacking NYPD computers

hackersA network of mystery hackers, most based in China, have been making 70,000 attempts a day to break into the NYPD‘s computer system, the city’s top cop revealed Wednesday.

Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the perpetrators have yet to succeed, but their relentless activities have prompted the force to raise its guard against high-tech crime.

“It’s a threat that we must continue to pay close attention to every day,” Kelly said in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Kelly said the threat is similar to a shocking cyber espionage plot recently uncovered at the Pentagon.

China-based hackers successfully cracked the Pentagon’s computers and gleaned design features of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet program being developed by Lockheed Martin, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

[Source: Daily News]

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