Intercepter-NG v0.9.8 New release

New release for Intercepter-NG have been announced, this tool can be used for MITM attack on network during penetration test. the tool is very solid in sniffing passwords ,encrypted traffic , pictures transmitted over messengers and more.

Intercepter is very similar to wireshark in displaying network packets and able to capture traffic remotely so  It enables you to run a packet capture program (the server) on a target computer, which will sniff the network traffic on that system, and uplink the captured packets to another host (the client).  the tool can be installed on windows operating system , there is a console version and smartphones Android where you can have it with you at any place for easy use.

tutor1Screenshot for Intercepter-NG

The release added SMB Hijacking,  NTLM Grabber in WPAD MiTM,  Built-in brutforce of hashes via JTR, More accurate OS detection, Port Scanner , POP3 NTLM Auth ,  RADIUS Auth , Kerberos Auth (rc4-hmac, aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96) , Kerberos Downgrade (aes256->rc4) , Custom .exe for smbrelay , MAC Whitelist in DHCP MiTM.

You can download the tool at the following link:


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