Instarecon – Automated Digital Reconnaissance

Instarecon is an automated basic digital reconnaissance. this will be a good addition during penetration testing to collect information and have initial footprint of the targets and discovering additional subdomains.

OSINT is used everywhere and it is relevant for online resources such as social network and search engines. This will allow user to quickly search for online information and classify filter leaked data. Next it will be possible to remove/modify detected information or use the information to run further attack.

Instarecon - Automated Digital Reconnaissance
Instarecon – Automated Digital Reconnaissance

This tool will run the following:

  • DNS lookups (A, PTR, MX, NS)
  • DNS lookups recursively on all hosts discovered
  • Whois (on domain and IP) lookups
  • Google dorks looking for subdomains and URLs
  • Shodan lookups
  • Reverse DNS lookups on entire CIDRs (only if target is a network)

With this toolkit it will never scan a target directly. Information is retrieved from DNS/Whois servers, Google, and Shodan.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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