InSSider new release

New update has been released for Inssider a free wardriving application that help penetration tester to check different wireless network available.

The program is very useful as it provides information about the encryption used, vendor of the access point, SSID and the performance of the Wifi network coverage.

Update release note include the following:

  • ” Improved color pallet for discovered networks.

Added a Filter Row which includes

  • Include or exclude SSID or Vendor Search Field
  • Channels Search Field
  • Network Type Search Field
  • Security Search Field
  • Help button to explain how the filters work

Active Network

  • Made the text bold of the network to which your Wireless Network card is associated” (1)

Now depending on the location where you are looking to install your access point so for example at the office or at home you can do the following:

  1. Filter MAC address to allow just known computers/devices ,
  2. Limit the SSID to cover only required area so neighbors will not detect your Access point.
  3. Limit the available number of IP addresses just for your office or home computers.
  4. Restrict the wireless Access Point configuration for a single IP used by the administrator.
  5. Last and most important point is to use WPA2 encryption, I don’t know why some Access point are still adding the WEP while it is risky to use it.

For public areas such as airports or coffee shop there is no way to use some security steps like number 1 and 2 as you need allow visitors to find your Access Point and to use their devices, but you need to apply the remaining three points.



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