Infosec Weekly Roundup

Tunisian Honeynet portal is launched

tunCERT have launched their Honeynet portal that include several public information about malwares and cleanup services, portal display and map attacks in the cyberspace.

Now you can join LinkedIn group or follow the update on twitter.

Troubleshooting a Blue Screen

Very interesting article demonstrate ways to debug and troubleshoot windows blue screen of death. BSOD is a well-known problem that faces any windows user at any time without alert.

Beyond Firewalls – Security Starts from the Outside

This article is written By Rod Rasmussen and covers one of the most essential security perimeters that we cannot be secured without, Firewalls can protect your infrastructure but on the other hand why we find breaches in most secured network. Should we continue to use same technology while we find such failures in traditional security measures?   

Free Android antivirus software is ‘useless,’ says testing firm

This article covers a study conducted by AV TEST that found in 7 different Android free antiviruses a failure to at least detect viruses.  While best ranked AV is Zoner Antivirus Free by detecting 8/10 80%.

Steganography or encryption in bankers?

Here Kaspersky lab issued a blog post with analyses about how new viruses are using steganography to hide their presence and bypass AV detection.

Also on SecTechno we have published the following posts:

  • Is Your Organization The Next Targeted Attack?
  • Online Document Management – Protecting Your Confidential Data
  • Router Update May Cause Global Failure
  • 10 Ways Net Neutrality Laws Affect Your ISP
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