Infosec Weekly Roundup, March 26 – April 1, 2012

Richard Stiennon talks to Martin Roesch about Next-Generation IPS (VIDEO)

“Lead analyst at IT Harvest, Richard Stiennon, recently sat down with Sourcefire founder and CTO Martin Roesch to discuss a host of topics and trends germane to the IT Security industry in 2012. The concept of information superiority is an important one, particularly when it means an attacker holds an information advantage over a network’s defenders.  This results in an attacker being able to leverage a local issue that those looking after a network may not be aware of – whether an exploit, zero-day, topological issue or otherwise, in order to gain access. “

Authorities Apprehend the Hacktivist Known as th3j35t3r

After several years from following the news about a hacktivist Known as th3j35t3r today the InfoSec Island uncovered the person that is running all attacks and breaching remote systems , All what we know about him is that he served in Afghanistan as a soldier and now he is retired to choose using cyber-attack against Wikileaks and other websites.

“In a shocking turn of events, the hacktivist known as th3j35t3r has been identified as Robert “Lance” Miller from Pittsboro, North Carolina. Mr. Miller is now in police custody after the multi-agency operation took place in the early hours of the morning on April 1st, 2012.

Ethics in Computer Security Research: Kelihos.B/Hlux.B botnet takedown

The honeynet project posted about a cyber-security cooperation that allowed to shutdown Kelihos.B/Hlux.B botnet.

“Earlier, we posted about our operation on the Kelihos.B/Hlux.B botnet takedown that was conducted with by security experts from Dell SecureWorks, CrowdStrike, Kaspersky, and the Honeynet Project. On initial view, the operation seems very clear cut: the bad guys are running a botnet that is doing havoc on the Internet; on the other side, are the good guys that have found a way to disable the botnet.”

Cyber Warfare – The Hacker News Magazine April 2012 Edition

“Call it Cyber Warfare, Terrorism, Computer Mania this month The Hacker News turns over every leaf of the newest way world citizens are fighting wars and using their keyboards to destroy planet earth…”

That’s all for this week, if you have more information security news please to share them with our readers by sending emails or using the contact form.

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