Infosec Weekly Roundup, December 19 – 25, 2011

This week have been full with new security vulnerabilities and attacks, here is a summary of the news:

Anonymous takes down Egyptian Websites

Anonymous are still active even in holidays , in what appears to be a massive and carefully orchestrated DDoS attack, a dozen Egyptian government websites have been taken down. Sites ranging from the Presidential website to the bureau for Tourism have been hit.

Hackers Crash Site Promoting Putin’s Election Web Cameras

Mr.Putin has launched an idea about installing web cameras at polling stations in Russia, he started to promote the project on a website that have been later attacked by uknown hackers.

“New projects have been set to promote Vladimir Putin‘s election  project to install web cameras at polling stations nationwide in time for the March presidential election faced a setback Tuesday after a web site created for public discussion of the idea was paralyzed by a hacker attack.”

China Software Developer Network (CSDN) 6 Million user data Leaked

The “Chinese Software Developer Network” (CSDN), operated by Bailian Midami Digital Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the biggest networks of software developers in China. A text file with 6 Million CSDN user info including user name, password, emails, all in clear text leaked on internet.

Christmas Theme for Facebook Profile Leads to Malspam

TrendMicro alert of hacking activity on christmas that are targeting social media users , so try to be vigilant when clicking on any shared link even from friends.

DorkBot/NgrBot removing

New blog entry by Artem about analyzing Worm:Win32/Dorkbot.I which is able to track all victim activity.

That’s all for this week wish you a very happy holiday!

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