Infosec Weekly Roundup, December 12 – 18, 2011

Cisco 2011 Annual Security Report

Cisco Security report for this year comes to highlight most important security threats, the good news in this report is the dramatic decline for spam volume but criminals are now using small botnet that are difficult to track and they focus more on bank attacks using Zeus toolkit (Zbot), in term of spam volume we find India at the first place with 13, 9% of spams worldwide followed by Russia and Vietnam. On the other side the report expect on next year an increase in cybercrime due to hackactivism groups like Anonymous and LulzSec.

Tunisian-HoneyNet Project November 2011 Report

This week the Honeynet project Tunisian chapter released November report that includes statistics for malicious attacks in the cyber space, top operating system attack are targeting windows and 445 port is the first target by 71,43%.

Decoding malware SSL using Burp proxy

This is an interesting article about a way to analyze SSL network communication, Andre’ M. DiMino –SemperSecurus posted the way to decode encrypted traffic using BurpSuite proxy.

Apple Crash Reports Help Hackers to create a jailbreak exploit

New iOS software by apple is very hard to jailbreak so if you have iPhone or iPad you need to download and use only software from apple appstore that are not the case with other operating systems. Here iPhone Dev-Team started to search for ways to Jailbreak latest iOS version which will allow user to download any program from any source, off course this can harm the system and risk you device to get new malwares.

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