Infosec Weekly Roundup

Malware Signed With a Governmental Signing Key

F-Secure Lab have found this week a malware that are digitally signed by a stolen government certificate belonging to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

WireShnork – A Snort plugin for Wireshark

New plugin for Wireshark have been released that help in applying Snort rules on all packets of a PCAP file and adding a new kind of filter to Wireshark.

A Simple OpenBSD Router For Your Virtual Machines

Very nice tutorial about how to install Open BSD firewall on virtualbox all based on open-source.

Small Businesses Lack Adequate Internet Security: Symantec

According to survey conducted by Symantec Although SMBs know the dangers of cyber-attacks, they don’t feel they are at any risk.

ZeroAccess detection with Xuetr tool

Zeroaccess is a stealthy rootkit on this post Artem shows how to detect and analyse the rootkit using Xuetr tool.

Also on SecTechno we have published the following posts:

  • Using mod_rewrite to harden Apache
  • Why Patch Management Should Not Be a Fire and Forget Operation
  • FileLife Keep your File in Control
  • Secret Disk Application to Hide Personal Data
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