Infosec Weekly Round-up December 10-16, 2012

“Dexter” malware steals credit card data from point-of-sale terminals

A researcher has uncovered new malware that steals payment card data from point-of-sale terminals used by stores, hotels, and other businesses.

Dexter, as the malware is called, has infected hundreds of point-of-sale computers at big-name retailers, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, according to a report issued by Aviv Raff, chief technology officer of Israel-based security firm Seculert. Businesses infected in the past three months are located in 40 different countries, with 30 percent of those compromised located in the US, 19 percent in the UK, and nine percent in Canada.

My 5 Top Ways to Escalate Privileges

During a penetration test, rarely will the tester get access to a system with the administrator privileges in the first attempt. You are almost always required to use privilege escalation techniques to achieve the penetration test goals.

Facebook helps FBI take down $850M botnet crime ring

Facebook helped the FBI take down an international crime ring that used a botnet to infect 11 million computers and steal more than $850 million, one of the largest cybercrime hauls in history.$850m-botnet-crime-ring/

2013 Mobile Threat Predictions

The mobile era is underway, and 2013 will find people more dependent than ever on their mobile devices to control countless aspects of their personal, public and business lives. The possibilities of this trend are exciting, but heavy reliance and a trove of information on devices are enticing to attackers, putting people, businesses and their most sensitive data at risk.

The Basics of IDA Pro

IDA Pro is the best disassembler in the business. Although it costs a lot, there’s still a free version available. I downloaded IDA Pro 6.2 limited edition, which is free but only supports disassembly of x86 and ARM programs. Otherwise, it supports a myriad of other platforms, which we won’t need here.

That’s all for this week, if you have more information security news please to share them with our readers by sending emails or using the contact form.

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