Infosec Weekly Round-up December 02-09, 2012

The Citadel crimeware kit – under the microscope

“Ever since the source code of the Zeus crimeware kit, also known as Zbot, was leaked onto the internet in May 2011, many new variants have appeared. These have typically added new features and improved on the old code. One particularly prevalent example is Citadel.”

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency hit again by malware

“The New Your Times has recently published the news the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency was hit by a virus that stolen secret information on newest rockets from an internal computer.”

Trend Micro detects malware posing as Trend Micro component

“In a rather worrying finding, Trend Micro has stated in a blog post that it has stumbled upon a Trojan that disguises itself as a Trend Micro component. One of the tricks employed by malware writers, the Trojan disguising itself as such is being treated as potent enough to lure users into downloading and executing it.”

Slide Show: Top 10 Malware Advances In 2012

“Blackhole’s business model, Flashback’s Mac fetish, ransomware’s resurgence with Reveton, and Gauss’s ability to guard against analysis among the game-changers this year”

Hack in the Box Magazine Keeping Knowledge Free

Bot Wars – The Game of Win 32/64 , System Takeover, Memory Copy Functions in Local Windows Kernel Exploitation, Android Persistent Threats, Does the Analysis of Electrical Current Consumption of Embedded Systems could Lead to Code Reversing? , To Hack an ASP.Net Site? It is Difficult, but Possible! , A Brief Introduction to VEGA

That’s all for this week, if you have more information security news please to share them with our readers by sending emails or using the contact form.

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