Infosec Weekly Radar, January 29 – 05 February,2012

Blackout: Harbinger of the Future?

What I have noticed that before any breach happens no one care about security but if the strike arrive people will start to invest, think and speak about proactive measures.

“IT security research analyst Richard Stiennon, author of Surviving Cyber War and the forthcoming Cyber Defense: Countering Targeted Attacks, says the thesis is a valid one: “Nothing like having a service disruption to make people aware of how much that service is part of their life, or of doing business. Imagine if Facebook had been offline.” ”

When a Tool Becomes a Weapon

I have to agree with this article as it is clear today that hacking tools are almost available for any user but the problem is how we can be sure that they are used in the good way and ethically.

All of a sudden you have the means to take over machine remotely without the user knowing, and in such a way that most users would stand very little chance of detecting the attack: certainly not using routine Anti-Virus and Firewalls software.  It’s such a shame that these tools are used in this way. Or is it? Perhaps that’s the very reason they exist.” 

Half of Fortune 500s, US Govt. Still Infected with DNSChanger Trojan

Beware of the DNS changer Trojan as it still active on nearly 50 percent of all federal government agencies. The most important that it prevents local system from updating their security products and this makes infected system at risk for getting other malware stealthier.

McAfee, An independent report on cyber-preparedness around the world

An interesting report by McAfee that comes to illustrate cybersecurity situation from several international experts.

” This report is made up of a survey of some 250 leading authorities worldwide and of interviews carried out in late 2011 and early 2012 with over 80 cyber-security experts in government, companies, international organisations and academia…”

Mobile Based Wireless Network MiTM Attack Illustration

Bilal Bokhari from have shared a very interesting example of Mobile Based Wireless Network MiTM Attack, he used YAMAS – YET ANOTHER MITM AUTOMATION SCRIPT that combines Ettercap sniffer with SSLSniff Moxie Marlinspike tool you can find the full post on THN the hacker news.

Panda Lab annual report 2011 summary

If you missed the annual report for panda lab a security software company than here you can find it, it covers 2011 social network, cyber-crime, cyber-war, Mobile malware and cyber activism.

That’s all for this week, if you have more information security news please to share them with our readers by sending emails or using the contact form.

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