Infosec Weekly Radar, January 23 -29 , 2012

Anonymous Attacks Irish Government Websites

While we have been following #opmegaupload this week Anonymous group launched a parallel DDoS attack targeting Ireland facilities, here Brian Honan released a blog post about the attack and some very important proactive measures to ensure the security of your systems.

CyberSecurity warns against phishers on Twitter

Next up comes from Malaysian CERT where a new alert have been issued for a phishing attack that are targeting twitter users, a link that are circulating on twitter and lead to fake page to ask user to insert login credentials, if you are looking to have more information about phishing urls or to report a phishing website than you need to check

Saudi Presidency of Meteorology & Environment Protection Hacked

“Presidency of Meteorology & Environment Protection” website defaced this week by Yourikan (you-r!-k@n) this seems to be an answer to Saudi Hacker 0xOmar, who leaks the thousands of Israeli credit cards few weeks back.

In depth look at rootkits, Symantec

I think that even after ten years I will be sharing articles about rootkit as this topic is always current, here Symantec issued a very interesting analyses for modern rootkit with ways for detecting and protecting your computer against this threat.  Rootkit are just playing the game hide and seek with antivirus labs and the game comes with who load first, if the rootkit than the game is over.

Security Threat Report 2012, Sophos

Sophos released the security threat report for 2012 where it expects a continue decrease in the Fakeav while increasing in the mobile malwares, According to the report the web threat landscape for this year are:  Blackhat search engine optimization (SEO), Social engineered click-jacking, Spear phishing sites, Malvertising, Compromised legitimate websites , Drive-by downloads , Fake antivirus , Key loggers and Botnet software .

That’s all for this week, if you have more information security news please to share them with our readers by sending emails or using the contact form.

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