Infosec Weekly Radar , February 13 – 19 ,2012

Eircom Study Hub Breached

Eircom one of the major teleco operators in Ireland have been faced by a cyber-attack where hackers managed to get 8,404 users credential for Studyhub servers, Brian Honan have released a blog post about the SQL injection attack and ways to mitigate their risk.

“If this breach is the result of an SQL Injection attack then it is disappointing as this attack vector has been known about for many years and indeed has been the source of many other well publicised breaches.”

CISSP Reloaded Domain 3 – Telecomms and Network Security

@J4vv4d continues the series of CISSP review with a new post for the third domain about network and telecommunication security, over this post he takes us in a journey at the OSI layers and protocols including TCP/UDP and more very interesting post not to be missed.

by far the most daunting of domains when I first picked up the book all those years ago. Network security is so important yet because it’s complex, a lot of companies end up doing it wrong. It’s complex because not as many people ‘properly’ understand the security implications of the network and also because most companies don’t even know what their network comprises of. “

Anonymous Takes Down NASDAQ Site with DDOS Attack

Websites of exchange operators Nasdaq and BATS have been attacked by hackers over the last 24 hours, causing ongoing disruptions for those trying to use the sites. Sites was down because of distributed denial-of-service attack from a group of Anonymous hackers.”

Attempted Cyber-Attack on Bank Hapoalim

 “Israel’s Bank Hapoalim reported an attempted cyber-attack from Iran on their systems on Thursday. Bank officials said the attack was foiled by extant security measures and that the hackers failed in their mission.

Security officials traced the Bank Hapoalim attack from servers in Iran, but noted the Iranian server farm could have simply served as a proxy for hackers elsewhere allowing them to hide their tracks.

Computer spyware is newest weapon in Syrian conflict

” In Syria’s cyberwar, the regime’s supporters have deployed a new weapon against opposition activists — computer viruses that spy on them, according to an IT specialist from a Syrian opposition group and a former international aid worker whose computer was infected.”

That’s all for this week, if you have more information security news please to share them with our readers by sending emails or using the contact form.

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