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EBay Ask Users to Change Their password after a Security Breach

Over this week all media are covering the security breach of eBay accounts, eBay issued a warning of a security incident that may lead to customer sensitive information leakage. eBay already issued a note to all 145 million users recommending

Infosec Weekly Radar, January 29 – 05 February,2012

Blackout: Harbinger of the Future? What I have noticed that before any breach happens no one care about security but if the strike arrive people will start to invest, think and speak about proactive measures. “IT security research analyst Richard

FBPwn – Facebook social engineering framework

Today we are sharing all our sensitive information on social networks websites such as Facebook, twitter and more. I have just used a very nice tool that you can use on your lab as a PoC about how it will

AxCrypt – Lock your File With Strong Encryption

There is several ways to encrypt your files, this week we posted about Vanishcrypt useful tool that can help to create a virtual encrypted storage on your local system, some people prefer to encrypt just a single file, so you

Ghostery Simple Tool to Block Trackers!

Today many people understand the importance of protecting personal information and privacy. We are terribly sharing all our personal information on social networks, different websites without considering ways for protecting our virtual life. If you visit a website the webserver

Naxsi Web Application Firewall module for Nginx

Nginx is getting more and more used by popular website, if we look at netcraft 9.63% of internet are today using nginx based webserver, this including huge websites such as Rambler, , and These website needs a big

Infosec Weekly Radar, January 2 – 8, 2012

phew what a week! We used to summarize what we have on the information security news in four to five articles but this week we have more to share, the first one is about security software company Symantec. Hacker group