Independent Antivirus Testing Resources

The usual way for attacking any operating system is malwares or human error, but if you are using windows based system you are at higher risk than other operating system, that’s why using windows with the default configuration means that you are hacked. You have to be prepared for attacks, and you have to know both how to prevent them and how to fix any problems that occur as a result of them.

Windows OS comes without any antivirus protection, for that when you first install Windows 7, it will immediately warn you that you don’t have any anti-virus software installed on your PC. This warning notification isn’t always immediately obvious to all users, however, and some could miss it.

Selecting antivirus is a very important step to protect your computer and here you need to look at the following:

  • How regularly you update the software.
  • How regularly and extensively the manufacturer updates the virus definitions.
  • How good the software’s heuristic scanning engine is for detecting virus-like activity.

Up to now we have no anti-virus software can guarantee 100 percent protection against viruses and malware. But to select a good AV you need to consider special security labs that are testing antiviruses against latest malwares and checking their regular update. Virus Bulletin test results, Known as the VB100.

The VB100 looks at average reactive scores plotted against average proactive scores for each product. Products which manage to detect 100% of the viruses in the wild, without false alarming, are given the VB100 award. Here is a test for Windows Vista x64:

Another independent Antivirus testing lab is The AV-TEST Institute.  AV-TEST provides an informative and customer-friendly illustration of trends, forecasts and long-term developments based on a comprehensive inventory of recently collected data and data gathered on a long-term basis.

AV-Test provides a quarterly based report that is dedicated to evaluate 22 security products, the test is performed on the second quarter of this year on Windows XP 32-bit platform SP3 and looks for protection against 0-day malware attacks, the capacity of these software to block new malware using the dynamic detection and checking whether the security product able to detect widespread malware. You can have all results on the official website.

The last and not least independent Antivirus testing lab is AV Comparative an organization that provide independent Anti-Virus software tests free to the public.  They conduct detection Tests / Retrospective Tests, Performance Tests, Whole-Product Dynamic (“Real-World”) Tests, Removal / Cleaning Tests etc.

You can use these free resources for selecting the best security solution for your company.

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