Identifying the source of corporate threats

threats network securityThe Verizon Business RISK team recently released its “2009 Data Breach Investigations Report,” which gives a fresh look into the question of whether insiders or outsiders are the larger threat group. The report concludes that 74% of breaches result from external sources and “the predominance of total records lost was attributed to outsiders.”

With nearly three-quarters of attackers still originating from outside, it is tempting to accept the inside threat as a lesser concern. Later, however, the report states external breaches have dropped nearly 20% over five years. The growth in threats seems to come from partners rather than insiders. Or can we really tell?

This question is something everyone should ask themselves, whether they store, process or transmit personal identity information. When looking at the data and conclusions of breach reports, it is important to consider several factors before accepting conclusions or taking a security posture.

[Source: computerworld]

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